Frequently Asked Questions

Our published check-in time is 4:00 pm. If we have no reservations the night before, we can often allow an earlier check-in. We will establish that during our welcome phone call a few days before your stay.

We will provide you with the key code to the front door after our welcome phone call. There is a lockbox near the front door where the code is required. When you line up the numbers with the code, the small door will flip open, and the key to the front door is inside.

The address is 1640 County Road 17, Wahoo, Nebraska. Google maps is not accurate as a navigation tool. We will send driving directions to you after our welcome phone call. Please note that there are 2 cabins on the 4-acre property. Your cabin name will be included in your driving directions.

A maximum of 6 cars is allowed per cabin unless other arrangements have been made. Please encourage carpooling.

There is a checklist inside the cabin, in the notebook, that outlines the items that need to be done before check-out. They include removing the sheets from the beds that were used, putting everything back in its original place, putting used towels in the shower stalls, running the dishwasher, setting the thermostat, locking all the doors, and replacing the key in the lockbox.

There is a propane gas grill on the deck. If you run out of propane, you can find another tank near the trash cans.

The garbage containers are in front of the parking area behind the air conditioner (Naw-Tee Pine) and inside the double-door closet across from the grill (Sto-Nee Ridge). Excess bags can be piled up on top of the containers.

Yes, there is Wi-Fi in each cabin. The passwords can be found in the notebook.

Yes, it is a short 2-3 minute walk to the lake. There is no fee to access the lake property on foot. If you need to use the boat dock, the road access is one mile further north on County Road 17. The NRD (Natural Resource District) manages the lake and has a kiosk at the entrance where they collect the required fees.

Lake Wanahoo does not have a swimming beach, and no swimming is allowed. We offer swimming passes for the Wahoo Aquatics Center, just 1 mile away, to all our guests.

For kayak, canoe, and paddle board rental, please contact Hammer Outfitters at (402) 719-9162.

Each cabin has a pack-n-play and blankets for little ones.

Each cabin has a booster seat that can be strapped to a dining chair.

There is a wood-burning fire pit at each cabin. One bundle of firewood will be provided. In extremely dry conditions, we ask that it not be used.

We have built-in speakers throughout both cabins. The stereo is connected to a Sonos controller, which requires a smartphone to be connected to our Wi-Fi.

These are available upon request.

Food, drink, and clothing. We aim to provide the rest. Towels, hair blowers, soaps, shampoo, toilet paper, and garbage bags are provided. The refrigerator will be empty, but there are a few spices in the cabinet.

We have a Mr. Coffee in each cabin. Organic medium-roast coffee will be provided.

Each cabin has an assortment of card and board games inside as well as a corn hole, frisbees and kick balls available for outdoors.

We have YouTube TV in each cabin.