Lots of Dining Out Options

  • Acapulco Mexican Grill, 1201 N. Chestnut Street, (402) 277-5000. This Mexican restaurant is a favorite in town and is a fun place to celebrate birthdays or special occasions. If you want, they will 'treat' you with a unique shot of tequila while sporting a huge sombrero.
  • Adelitas Mexican Restaurant, 111 S. Chestnut Street, (402) 277-7222. Located in the former Zesto's ice cream shop, this Mexican food is delicious and authentic!
  • Branding Iron Cafe, 636 E. 1st St., (402) 443-1100. This is a good little breakfast spot right across from the fairgrounds.
  • Chips Restaurant & Bar, 1499 N. Chestnut Street, (402) 443-1164. Great sports bar less than 1 mile away!
  • Dairy Queen, 1122 N. Chestnut Street, (402) 443-4098. Do you love ice cream? They prepare ice cream cakes for special celebrations.
  • Good Friends Cafe, 450 N. Chestnut, (402) 443-3443. Check this place out if you want a specialty coffee drink, homemade soup, sandwiches and a salad bar.
  • Hao's Garden, 501 N. Broadway, (402) 443-3888. This is a wonderful option for freshly made Asian food. It has been there for years and is consistently very good.
  • Jc's Steakhouse & Pasta, 127 E. 6th St., (402) 277-7057. Located in the former Alcapulco Restaurant location, this dining option is a great addition to Wahoo! They are getting rave reviews for lunch (weekends only) and dinner!
  • Mocha C's, 441 N. Linden St., (402) 443-6565. Great little coffee shop in downtown Wahoo. This is a popular place to have coffee in the morning or lunch. We are addicted to their peanut butter rice crispy bars!
  • Pizza Hut, 140 W. 12th Street, (402) 443-4692. They are only 1 mile away, but they can also deliver to your location. We love their hand-tossed crust.
  • Red Rooster Restaurant, 305 S. 2nd Street, Ceresco, (402) 665-2319. A great dining out option in nearby Ceresco, specializing in chicken and other entrees.
  • Red Zone Bar & Grill, 117 Spruce St. in Colon (10 minutes north), (402) 647-2046. This is a good bar and grill with a beautiful outdoor patio.
  • Wahoo Meat Locker (deli), 157 W. 5th, (402) 443-3104. This is a great place to purchase any meat for grilling. Their Wahoo Wieners are famous. They also have a lovely selection of kitchen accessories.
  • Wheelhouse Pub & Patio, 114 E. 5th St., (402) 277-7116. A great place to have a sandwich and chat with the locals.
  • Woodcliff Restaurant, 980 County Road W, (402) 721-2922. As per a local Fremont business person, this is the best-kept secret in Fremont. They get great reviews on YELP for their seafood and steak dinners. It is about a 20-minute drive from SPENCER HILL (a few miles north of Hwy. 92, just east of Hwy. 77). They are open for dinner at 5 pm.

Restaurants for Grab & Go