Outdoor Weddings Near Lincoln

A large white tent in the middle of a field.

Located only 30 minutes north of Lincoln, Spencer Hill Cabins offers a picture-perfect setting for intimate outdoor boutique weddings of 75 guests or less. The 4 acre property is only footsteps away from Lake Wanahoo, providing a stunning setting for drone photography and beautiful views for a truly memorable wedding experience.

The tastefully landscaped acreage at Spencer Hill Cabins sets the stage for a romantic and intimate celebration surrounded by nature's beauty. The tranquil ambiance of the countryside provides a serene and romantic setting for an unforgettable wedding ceremony.

A kitchen with black cabinets and white counter tops.

Spencer Hill Cabins offers a large open kitchen that is available for use by your chosen caterer. The well-equipped kitchen allows for a smooth and efficient catering service, guaranteeing a memorable dining experience for guests.

For added convenience and comfort, a 20'x 20' festival tent is available upon request. This provides additional sheltered space for al fresco dining, dancing, or other wedding festivities. The tent can be styled and decorated to complement the couple's desired theme or aesthetic, creating a cohesive and charming wedding atmosphere.

A group of women in white dresses standing next to each other.

To ensure a stress-free and smooth wedding day, Spencer Hill Cabins offers two luxury cabins where the wedding party can get ready. These cabins provide a private and comfortable space for the bridal party to prepare, reducing any logistical challenges. Additionally, the luxury cabins are perfect for accommodating out-of-town guests, allowing them to stay on-site and fully enjoy the wedding celebration. The cabins are also well-suited for gift opening events, providing a convenient and inviting space for these post-wedding activities.

Spencer Hill Cabins is the ideal venue for those seeking an intimate and unforgettable outdoor wedding experience near Lincoln, Nebraska.